Office Of Development And Alumni Relations

Strategic Thinking, Exceptional Outcomes

Advancing the College of Education

The Office of Development and Alumni Relations leads an integrated and collaborative effort to secure philanthropic investment in the College’s strategic goals, its programs and students.  While building and nurturing relationships with its constituents; we develop, communicate and showcase the College of Education’s academic and programmatic excellence.

To achieve success and advance the College’s strategic plan, we seek to create the infrastructure to support philanthropic activity, inform our stakeholders, involve our partners, and inspire a culture of giving and investment to propel the College nationally and seek recognition of its 100 year history of creating exceptional programs that prepare our diverse student body for academic and professional success.

Our office is looking forward to transforming the written words of our mission and vision into exceptional action.  We hope our constituents share our enthusiasm for the exciting opportunities that await us, and will join us on this journey.

With warmest regards,

Grace A. Greenwich
Assistant Dean 
Office of Development and Alumni Relations

Our Team

Grace A. Greenwich 
Assistant Dean of Development and Alumni Relations

Melodie Carter
Assistant Director

Ramona Sharpe
Executive Assistant

Operating Principles

Our Vision

Our vision is to be a leader in higher education philanthropy through an integrated, collaborative, comprehensive, sustainable and transformative model for advancement support, services and philanthropic development.  

The College is recognized for its leadership in teaching, learning, counseling and leadership.  We seek to establish an advancement operation in the college, reflecting a high level of professionalism and excellence.

Our Mission

The Office of Development and Alumni Relations secures philanthropic support, engages alumni, and fosters public/private partnerships to serve students, advance the College and University’s mission and encourage support of its strategic priorities.

Our Values

To guide our interaction with each other and our constituents and to influence our decision-making in establishing policies, recruitment of staff and execution of our operations, our office embraces these values as the core of our beliefs and the basis of our organizational culture:  

  • Collegiality – Cooperation and collaboration are necessary for us to maximize results and create an environment in which individual growth and development are congruent with organizational goals. We embrace collegiality in all our interactions.
  • Collaboration – Building a culture of philanthropy involves the support, input and participation of all our stakeholders.  We look forward to collaborating with our colleagues, administrative staff and faculty across the College to create an impact in all of our initiatives.  
  • Design – We embrace the power of design as a tool to create meaningful connections between our mission, vision and the philanthropic interests of our constituents.  We will look at our work through the lens of design to provide a visual image to develop these connections.
  • Transparency – Knowledge of our intentions and our actions allows more meaningful interaction with others. We seek always to make our intentions clear and our actions and interactions apparent.
  • Accountability  We are responsible for fiscal and certain other means and assets entrusted to us. We commit to the use of these resources in an efficient manner consistent with the intended purpose of the provider. Regular and accurate reporting on the use of our resources is a critical element of accountability.
  • Honesty – Highly ethical behavior is a critical element of trusting and valued relationships. We consider honesty in all of our relationships as the foundation for ethical behavior.
  • Excellence – Our relationships and our products/services are a true reflection of our College and each of us individually. We are committed to a high level of professionalism and to the delivery of the highest quality of service to each other and our constituents.
  • Responsiveness – We value the time, differences and needs of others. Our interactions will always be timely and shaped by the unique needs and characteristics of those we serve.
  • Innovation – Creativity and risk-managed operations are necessary for productivity and growth. We value and reward creativity and the assumption and management of risk.

Office of Development and Alumni Relations
1301 Cecil B. Moore Avenue
Ritter Hall, Room 238
Philadelphia, PA  19122
Telephone:  (215) 204-4649