We are preparing the next generation of educators, behavioral health professionals, organizational leaders and education scholars.  In order to do so, we must ensure that our campus keeps pace with the College’s innovative scholarship.

Our plan for leadership in the 21st century calls for infusing our College’s buildings with new technologies that support collaborative learning and cutting-edge research and practice.

Space, it's been said, is the final frontier. Help us to transform ours so that our College can continue to transform the world.

Our vision is to create a state-of-the-art space and forum for classroom learning, innovation, interdisciplinary conversation, and community engagement that attracts world-class educators and leaders to participate in academic discovery.

We are eager to undertake a massive renewal that includes:

  • New, leading-edge facilities with modern classrooms
  • Gathering spaces and knowledge hubs built to encourage interdisciplinary collaboration and activity between the College’s numerous departments and programs
  • Research centers and presentation venues ready to host the local, regional, national, and international academics who lead our field