Many of the most pressing problems in education cannot be adequately addressed by lone individuals or by teams of scholars from a single discipline. Instead, they require the insights of faculty trained in multiple disciplines, working together and closely with those in the field, who can help shape the questions and test the hypothesis generated by scholars. In addition, traditional ways of conducting educational research – securing a government grant and taking years to complete, for example – often take too long to meet the urgent needs of the field.

The field of education is crying out for new solutions that can be widely adopted. So much research is methodologically weak, unconnected to the realities of practice, irrelevant to real problems, or inaccessible to policymakers and practitioners.

We at the College are committed to changing this. Our faculty – already leaders in their respective disciplines – will work with partners in the field to identify questions, if answered, promise the most gain in expanding opportunity and outcomes. We will forge new partnerships and deepen existing ones, including those with schools and districts, so that we can generate the most relevant questions, test our hypotheses and refine them as needed. We work in teams, across disciplines and colleges in Temple. Our teams include students so that our training and research are closely aligned.